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Wholesale market participants and, ultimately, energy consumers, benefit from MISO’s coordination of short and long-term planning. Using advanced modeling and thorough research, we help ensure reliable and efficient electricity transmission in our footprint and beyond. 

Competitive Transmission Administration

  • Prequalification Process
  • Recertification Process
  • Competitive Developer Selection Process
  • Current Projects
  • Awarded Projects

MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP)

  • MTEP Report
  • Project Lists & Status Reports
  • Eligible Projects
  • Previous MTEP Reports
  • Multi-Value Projects (MVPs)
  • Schedule 26 and 26A Indicative Rate Reports

System Modeling

  • Model Development Schedule
  • MOD-32-1
  • MOD-33-1


Transmission Planning

  • Economic Planning Studies
  • Futures Development
  • Long Range Transmission Planning
  • Long-Term Transmission Service Requests
  • Reliability Planning

Interregional Coordination

Generator Interconnection

  • GI Studies
  • GI Queue


Resource Adequacy

  • Planning Resource Auction
  • Coordinated Seasonal Assessments

Policy Studies

  • Renewable Integration Impact Assessment (RIIA)
  • System Forecasting for Energy Planning