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Wholesale market participants and, ultimately, energy consumers, benefit from MISO’s coordination of short and long-term planning. Using advanced modeling and thorough research, we help ensure reliable and efficient electricity transmission in our footprint and beyond. 

Long-term Transmission Service Request

MISO serves as a transparent and neutral facilitator for transmission service planning, resulting in fair and open access to the region’s transmission system.

System Modeling

Transmission system models provide the foundation for our planning process. 

Interregional Coordination

MISO works with PJM, SERTP and SPP, its neighboring transmission planning regions, to develop a mutually agreeable method for allocating the costs of transmission facilities that benefit more than one region.

Resource Adequacy

In the MISO region, customer-facing utilities are responsible for making sure they can meet customer needs. We support this responsibility by providing secure and reliable ways for utilities to buy or sell capacity.

Generator Interconnection

MISO provides generators reliable, non-discriminatory access to the electric transmission system. Follow these steps to connect a generator to the transmission system. 

Competitive Transmission Administration

To promote competition in transmission development, FERC removed rules that often prohibited competition. MISO's CTA process helps to facilitate competition in the electric transmission indsutry. 

Studies and Reports

Effective planning for transmission and generation needs must balance system reliability, market efficiency, and state and federal energy policies. We work collaboratively with our stakeholders to develop regional planning studies and regulatory analyses to ensure the continued delivery of reliable,