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Transmission Settlements and Pricing

The Monthly Transmission Settlements process financially settles Transmission Customers’ use of the MISO transmission system and our mandated, non-competitive Ancillary Services. Customer charges for transmission and Ancillary Services are calculated based upon the FERC-approved Tariff, and collected funds are distributed to Transmission Owners and providers of the mandated Ancillary Services. 

Transmission Settlements follows a calendar-month billing cycle by which MISO determines what charges Transmission Customers have incurred and the distribution of revenue to Transmission Owners and/or generators.  Customers also may count on us for technical assistance and support on MISO Transmission rate-related matters. Our processes provide non-discriminatory reviews of Attachments O, GG, MM, SS, and ZZ submissions annually.

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Attachments, Schedules and TO Data

Transmission rates are effective as of the date of their posting and will not reflect any retroactive adjustments due to FERC Orders or any other reasons.


Rate changes were processed to incorporate the annual revenue requirements and/or divisor updates of Attachments O/GG/MM/ZZ for Transmission Owner using a forward-looking Attachment O. MHEB provided updates for their rates. Two new schedules were also added, Schedule 26-C and Schedule 26-D (Targeted Market Efficiency Projects – TMEP).

  • Schedule 2
    • Order ER18-829 revised the Revenue Requirement in the ALTE TPZ resulting in a 32.15% decrease. Order ER18-829 also revised the Revenue Requirement in the WEC TPZ resulting in a 19.68% decrease. ELMP's Sterlington 7 generator was retired, effective 1/1/2019, per ER19-709 resulting in the Entergy Louisiana TPZ rate decreasing by 0.45%. MISO's average Sch. 2 rates decreased 2.15%.
  • Schedules 7,8 & 9
    • Other changes included Income Tax calc changes for AMIL/ATXI (ER17-2323) and GRE/MDU/MEC/MP/NIPSCO/NSP/OTP/Vectren (ER19-249). ADIT (Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes) ratebase changes for MP/MDU/NIPSCO/OTP/Vectren (ER18-1739), AMIL/ATXI/NSP (ER18-2322), and ITC/ITCM (ER18-2323). MISO Average rate increased by 5.50%.
  • Schedule 26, 37, & 38
    • Newly approved MTEP18 projects added. This is also the first year of the phase-in of a portion (12.5%) of the MISO average rate being charged on transactions exiting the MISO South system. The MISO Average rate decreased 0.25%.
  • Schedule 26A & 39
    • Also added a 50 BP ROE Adder for ATXI associated with the Mark Twain project (ER18-463). The overall Revenue Requirement increased by 12.62%.
  • Schedule 26C
    • Cost recovery for TMEPs (Targeted Market Efficiency Projects) approved in Docket No. ER18-867 effective 4/17/18.
  • Schedule 26D
    • Cost recovery for TMEPs (Targeted Market Efficiency Projects) approved in Docket No. ER18-867 effective 4/17/18. Initial ATRR to bill / collect.
  • Manitoba Hydro (MHEB) provided revised rates for Schedules 1, 2, 7, 8, and 11.

The overall impact on MISO system rates follows:

  • Schedule 1: 2.49% decrease
  • Schedule 2: 2.15% decrease
  • Schedules 7, 8, & 9: 5.50% increase
  • Schedule 26: 0.25% decrease
  • Schedule 26A: 12.62% increase
  • Schedule 33: 0.23% increase
  • Schedule 45: 49.69% increase

These changes are effective January 1, 2019.

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