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Transmission Settlements and Pricing

The Monthly Transmission Settlements process financially settles Transmission Customers’ use of the MISO transmission system and our mandated, non-competitive Ancillary Services. Customer charges for transmission and Ancillary Services are calculated based upon the FERC-approved Tariff, and collected funds are distributed to Transmission Owners and providers of the mandated Ancillary Services. 

Transmission Settlements follows a calendar-month billing cycle by which MISO determines what charges Transmission Customers have incurred and the distribution of revenue to Transmission Owners and/or generators.  Customers also may count on us for technical assistance and support on MISO Transmission rate-related matters. Our processes provide non-discriminatory reviews of Attachments O, GG, MM, SS, and ZZ submissions annually.

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Attachments, Schedules and TO Data

Transmission rates are effective as of the date of their posting and will not reflect any retroactive adjustments due to FERC Orders or any other reasons.


Rate changes were processed to incorporate the following: 

  • Schedule 2
    • WPS removed its Stated Rate and replaced it with generator specific revenue requirements per Docket ER18-2115. This addition of several generators resulted in a MISO average Schedule 2 rate increase of 1.64% 

The Transco ROE Adder component was lowered to 25 basis points per Docket EL18-140 for ITC, ITCM, and METC. This change affects the following schedules;

  • Schedule 7, 8, & 9 resulting in a decrease of 0.24%
  • Schedule 26 resulting in a decrease of 0.30%
  • Schedule 26-A resulting in a decrease of 0.30% 

These changes are effective November 1, 2018.

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