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MISO posts market reports with the most-requested data on its website.  Please review the existing reports on the Market Reports web page.

If the specific data you seek is not available, please complete and submit the online Data Request Form below.  Generally, MISO will provide interval data for one month and hourly data for 2 years.

For any questions, contact the Help Center at Help@misoenergy.org.

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General Information

What is the best way to contact you about your data request?
Are you a Market Participant (MP) or an Authorized Contact for an MP?

NERC Entity Code

Because you are a Market Participant or an Authorized Contact for an MP,  you must provide your NERC Entity Code.

Please be advised that you must be listed in the MISO system of record as being authorized to receive the requested data.  If not, your company’s General Contact may grant the authorization by adding you to the Attachment B at which time you may submit the data request. Alternately, your General Contact may submit the data request.

Data Request

Please identify the  data you are requesting from the list below and complete a separate request for each data type and subtype and provide the time period for which data is requested (mm/dd/yyyy to mm/dd/yyyy).

Acronyms: Day Ahead (DA), Financial Transmission Rights (FTR), Interval (INT), Real-time (RT), Real Time Offer Enhancement (RTOE), Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), Residual Load Account (RLA) 

Are you an Authorized Agency?

Length of Time


Thank  you for your Data Request.  MISO is committed to processing your request in a timely fashion.  Data request fulfillment varies based on the type of data requested and workloads.

MISO may not be able to fulfill requests if these types of conditions exist:

  • The requested time period exceeds the MISO data retention schedule which is reviewed regularly.
  • The requested data is non-public in nature, and the requester is not authorized to receive it. (Non-public data includes but is not limited to, information that is market sensitive, or its disclosure may affect reliability and/or pose operational risks.)
  • The request is redundant because the data was already provided or made available to the requester through the public website, the MISO Extranet or Market Portal.
  • It would  require significant effort  to collect the requested data.

DISCLAIMER:  By submitting this Data Request to the MISO, you hereby acknowledge and agree that the data being requested may be confidential and/or CEII and, therefore, may require that you have one or more valid confidentiality and/or non-disclosure agreement(s) on file with the MISO prior to disclosure.  You further affirm the accuracy of the information provided in this Data Request and agree to notify MISO in writing of any changes to this information by emailing clientrelations@misoenergy.org.  Failure to comply may result in the revocation, at MISO's sole discretion, of access to and permission to use requested data and the denial of future requests.