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Winter weather causes forced outages in parts of MISO's South Region

Reliability coordinator issues emergency actions

For Immediate Release

February 15, 2021

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Brandon Morris

CARMEL, Ind. — Sustained frigid temperatures and winter weather impacting the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) South Region contributed to the loss of generation and transmission. This led to emergency actions in the region’s western portion to avoid a larger power outage on the bulk electric system.  Periodic power outages began early Monday morning for some customers in Southeast Texas.

“We fully committed every available operating asset before the event to lessen the impact on our system, but conditions eventually deteriorated to a point where demand exceeded supply,” said Renuka Chatterjee, executive director – System Operations at MISO. “The accelerated change in conditions led us to our last resort in order to maintain grid reliability and we are in direct communication with our members to support their restoration efforts in the affected areas.”

MISO and its members worked together to identify the worst-case scenarios to limit the effects of temporary power supply interruptions to those areas that will provide the most relief. That plan focused on the forecasted load demand and expert weather forecast as well as the risks associated with generation availability and transmission capacity across the region.

“This was truly a coordinated effort with all of our members to avoid a potentially larger grid outage,” said Daryl Brown, executive director – South Region at MISO.  “We are in direct communication with our members in the affected area to support their restoration efforts.”

Periodic power outages are always the last stage of several emergency procedures and steps taken to maintain grid reliability. For more information on how MISO manages grid reliability in extreme conditions, check out the MISO Operating Conditions FAQs.


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