Smart Grid 

Our expertise and advancements in technology and expertise helps bring new energy sources to market—from clean energy to batteries to support for electric vehicles. Smart Grid technologies ensure greater resource utilization for an increasingly efficient, reliable and safe transmission network.

Rolling Out Synchrophasors 

Through the use of industry-leading, wide-area visualization tools, system operators gain a clearer look at system conditions.  One of these tools, Synchrophasors, provides more precise grid measurements by using data collected from Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs).  PMU measurements are taken at a very high speed (typically 30 observations per second – compared to once every 4 seconds using current technology).  Each measurement is time-stamped to synchronize data from widely dispersed locations in the power system network providing a more comprehensive view of the entire interconnection.  Synchrophasors can give better indications of grid stress, allowing operators to be more proactive when corrective actions are necessary.

PMU Placement Map—Status
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Smart Grid Investment Grant

In 2010, MISO was among 100 recipients of the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) Smart Grid Investment Grant awards for the development and deployment of synchrophasor technologies as part of the DOE’s effort to modernize the power grid and lead the industry in use and installation of the devices.

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Adding Stored Energy Resource

MISO and its stakeholders are finding new ways to advance national energy policy by incorporating storage technologies into wholesale energy markets. As a result, the Midwest regulating reserve market now includes Stored Energy Resource as a new market resource type. Further explore the concept in Incorporating Short-Term Stored Energy Resource into MISO's Energy and Ancillary Service Market.

Supporting Electric Vehicles

As smart cars drive change across America, we are collaborating with our members and other industry groups to assess the impacts of electric vehicles on load forecasting and grid reliability.

Collaborating on Standards

Standardization of computer system interfaces helps foster entity interactions and supports development toward a smarter grid. MISO collaborates with:



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