Better understanding neighboring transmission systems is critical to heading off potential congestion problems. Through advances in software, development of new visualization tools and ongoing collaboration with neighboring grid operators, MISO is working to provide more transparent and efficient markets across the seam — where our service territory electrically interconnects with other grid operators.

MISO Quarterly Seams Reports

Market-to-Market Coordination

Coordination across market seams creates greater regional market efficiencies and enhances reliability. MISO's joint operating agreement with PJM serves as a template for market-to-market activities.

MISO-PJM Quarterly M2M Change Management Reports
MISO-PJM M2M Settlement Adjustment Forms
MISO-SPP Quarterly M2M Change Management Reports

Broader Regional Markets Initiative

Through the Broader Regional Markets Initiative, MISO is working with the New York ISO (NYISO), Ontario’s Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) and PJM Interconnection to develop long-term, comprehensive solutions to the circuitous electrical phenomenon known as Lake Erie loop flow.

Broader Regional Markets White Paper (pdf)

Interchange Optimization

We are working with PJM to explore alternatives for optimizing the real-time net interchange between the two RTOs. The goal is to increase economic efficiency by lowering overall operating costs across the two markets in real-time, resulting in better coordination of real-time prices. Learn more about our joint efforts at the Market Subcommittee and Seams Management Working Group.


Non-Market-to-Market Coordination

MISO has several seams agreements with our non-market neighbors to ensure operational activities are well coordinated. In addition, you can find information effecting both MISO and PJM on the Joint and Common Market website.

Rate Schedule 05 MISO-PJM JOA and CMP
Rate Schedule 06 MISO-SPP JOA and CMP
Rate Schedule 08 MISO-MH Seams Operating Agreement