Renewable Energy 

Wind represents the most abundant clean energy fuel source in the Midwest. Our footprint also includes biomass power — the use of animal waste or plant matter to generate electricity as well as hydropower — electricity generated from flowing water. With our stakeholders, we are working on providing equitable solutions for tapping into our renewable energy-rich region and creating opportunities for everyone to benefit from the use of clean energy resources.

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Harnessing Wind

Total wind capacity in the MISO footprint has grown dramatically since 2006. Driven by the nation’s desire for cleaner energy and state mandates for renewable energy portfolios, MISO now manages more than 11,000 MW of wind generation in service, with more than 7,000 MW of projects advancing through the interconnection requirements.

Wind Capacity Map
Real-Time Wind Output
Renewable Portfolio Standards

Meeting Operational Challenges

Challenges of harnessing the region’s wind capacity include varying State Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, national climate change policy discussions and optimization of an aging transmission infrastructure. MISO's Wind Integration Initiative identifies and analyzes operational challenges associated with adding significant amounts of wind energy to the grid.

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MISO's Wind Integration Initiative addresses wind’s operational challenges. Activities include incorporating Dispatchable Intermittent Resources, improving upon wind forecast accuracy, and exploring ramp capability enhancements.

Transmission Planning Initiatives & Studies

As the region’s NERC Planning Authority, our fundamental goal is to develop a comprehensive expansion plan that meets the region’s reliability, public policy and economic needs. Several proactive planning studies and efforts, guided by MISO's Board of Directors Expansion Planning Principles, will determine how to successfully meet those goals.

Regional Generation Outlet Studies

MISO completed a three-year planning process with the publication of the full RGOS report. This report summarized three transmission alternatives that would help the states meet their renewable energy mandates and goals. 

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Other Renewable Energy-Related Studies and Plans

MISO Transmission Expansion Planning
Eastern Wind Integration and Transmission Study

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