EPA Compliance Solutions 

Compliance with new and proposed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and an evolving generation portfolio will have profound effects on the power industry’s ability to reliably deliver electricity.

In October 2011, MISO published the results of its EPA Impact Analysis. This year-long look at the potential impacts of four proposed EPA regulations on the electric generation fleet within the MISO footprint identified 12.6 GW of coal-fired capacity that may need to retire or retrofit in the 2015-2016 timeframe, in order to comply with the EPA regulations.

These findings set the stage for MISO’s multi-faceted efforts to better understand and prepare for upcoming industry changes.

Generator Quarterly Surveys

To increase transparency around forward-looking resource availability, MISO initiated a Quarterly Survey of asset owners’ strategies for compliance with the proposed regulations.

2013 3rd Quarter EPA Impact Generator Survey
2013 4th Quarter EPA Impagt Generator Survey

Gas Infrastructure Studies

Natural gas economics and compliance with EPA regulations are driving a transition in the MISO footprint from coal-fired resources to a fuel mix that relies more upon natural gas.

MISO’s series of studies are aimed at building a better understanding of a transitioning electric generation fleet in the context of evolving natural gas infrastructure and operations.

Phase 1 - Report
Phase 2 - Report
Phase 1 & 2 One Pager
Phase 3 – Report
Phase 3 Companion Document
Phase 3 One Pager
EIPC Gas-Electric System Study

Unit Retirement Process

A System Support Resource – or SSR – is a power plant that must be available for MISO to operate the transmission system within applicable reliability standards. As the regional reliability coordinator, MISO is obligated to maintain reliability of the electric grid.

The long-term or permanent loss of a generator can affect MISO’s ability to operate reliably.  Therefore, a power plant owner seeking to retire or suspend a generator must first obtain approval from MISO to remove a plant from operation.

SSR One Pager

Stakeholder Participation

The primary forum for EPA discussion is the Electric and Natural Gas Coordination Task Force (ENGCTF).

Because resource adequacy is a state responsibility, MISO works with the Organization of MISO States (OMS), the voluntary state regulatory group comprised of state commissioners from each of MISO’s states.


Reports, One-Pagers and Whitepapers

EPA One Pagers
Key Presentations and Whitepapers
Monthly Transmission Planning Reports

MISO's Executive Vice President of Transmission and Technology, Clair Moeller, joined industry stakeholders to testify before the U.S. House Committee on Energy and Commerce's Subcommittee on Energy and Power.

American Energy Security and Innovation: The Role of Regulators and Grid Operators in Meeting Natural Gas and Electric Coordination Challenges 

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