What We Do 

MISO and its members find new ways to strengthen the reliability of the region’s interconnected transmission network, bringing benefits to all consumers of electricity. Our transparent market operations, value-based regional planning, and independence help us build a stronger, more reliable electric grid for today — and tomorrow. View our corporate fact sheet.

Our Cornerstones
Customer service, effective communication and operational excellence are the cornerstones that guide us as we explore better ways to keep power moving safely, efficiently and reliably. Each year, we study the quantitative and qualitative value that our products and services bring to the MISO region. Learn more about our Value Proposition.


Reliability Assurance

Reliability Assurance - Control CenterMISO uses superior tools and processes to maintain and manage reliability. By answering this important responsibility we provide enhanced operating and monitoring of the regional electric grid and more efficient use of the region’s transmission infrastructure. 



Transmission and Resource Planning 

MISO facilitates value-based regional planning for reliable generation and transmission of energy. Our ongoing studies and evaluations consider seasonal demand fluctuations, growing consumer needs and the integration of renewable energy.

Competitive Markets

Competitive Markets - Dispatch of Generation We manage one of the world’s largest energy markets, clearing billions in gross market charges annually. We use a five-minute commitment process that provides market liquidity and transparent pricing while also minimizing congestion and maximizing efficient energy transmission.

Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs)
Day-Ahead Market
Real-Time and Ancillary Services Markets
Market Vision

Tariff Administration

As a regional transmission organization, we are the sole decision-making authority on the provision of transmission service in accordance with our FERC-approved tariff. Additionally, we coordinate transmission use and administration with other tariffs in the region.