Each one-page document here provides a concise overview of how our strategic initiatives and business efforts further the delivery of least-cost energy to members, stakeholders and customers in all our states.

Learn how MISO and its stakeholders are complying with FERC Order 1000, how many jobs Multi-Value Projects create and the benefits gained from MISO’s value-added planning process.

2015 Value Proposition
Annual Budget Process
Formula Rate Protocols - Section 206
Stakeholder Governance

Environmental Regulations

Environmental Regulations
Environmental Regulations - Analysis of EPAs Proposal to
   Reduce CO2 Emissions From Existing Units

Environmental Regulations - Outage Limits Analysis
Environmental Regulations - Supply Chain Study


ARRs FTRs in South Region
Demand Response - Order 745 Compliance
Extended Locational Marginal Pricing (ELMP)
Electric-Gas Coordination
Electric-Gas Infrastructure Analyses, Phase 1, 2
Electric-Gas Infrastructure Analysis, Phase 3
Fuel Assurance 
Ramp Capability Product


Emergency Operations Procedures
MISO's Reliability Tools
System Support Resources (SSRs)


Competitive Retail Solution
Cost Allocation Transition
MISO Transmission Expansion Plan (MTEP)
Multi-Value Projects (MVPs)
Multi-Value Benefits (by zone)

OMS-MISO Resource Adequacy Survey
Resource Adequacy Overview
Schedule 39 
Targeted Market Efficiency Projects (TMEPs)

Transmission Planning


FERC Order 1000
FERC Order 1000 - MISO-SPP

FERC Order 1000 - MISO-SPP Cost Allocation
Seams Coordination

Did you know?

  • MISO’s open governance structure results in the best outcomes for electric consumers and focuses on customer service, effective communication and operational excellence.
  • The MISO region receives more than $2.2 billion in annual benefits.
  • FERC Order 1000 advances transmission planning and cost allocation processes that began in 1996 with Order 888.
  •  Our resource adequacy construct allows state regulators flexibility to meet policy goals in a way that ensures reliability and affordability.
  • Our 2011 Multi-Value Projects portfolio, or MVPs, will create thousands of jobs.