Market Enhancements 

MISO’s market vision is to foster wholesale electric markets that deliver reliable and economically efficient outcomes.

Through ongoing evaluation of energy market design and performance and the practices of other best-in-class electric market performers, MISO identifies ways to improve performance and increase value to its member markets. Together with stakeholders, MISO incorporates the highest value enhancements and products throughout the development life cycle.

Market Vision Roadmap

MISO established a market vision and road map to guide the ongoing development and implementation of projects that enhance MISO’s suite of market services.

The market vision addresses the need to operate a well-functioning energy commodity market that recognizes the physical, economic, and political challenges inherent in electricity markets, and MISO’s markets in particular.

This vision incorporates input from internal subject matter experts, stakeholders, the Independent Market Monitor and others with expertise in market enhancement interdependencies. This facilitates design and prioritization decisions, resulting in comprehensive cost/benefit assessments.

2017 Market Roadmap Candidate Submission

To submit a candidate for consideration in the 2017 Market Roadmap Process, submit the following form to

Issue Submission Form

Market Roadmap Timeline

Final Deadline for submitting candidates for consideration in the 2017 Market Roadmap Process is May 11, 2017.  Candidates submitted after the deadline will be considered for prioritization in the 2018 Market Roadmap Process.

Market Vision

Foster wholesale electric markets that deliver reliable and economically efficient outcomes.

Guiding principles

Five principles serve as guideposts for progressing toward the Market Vision:

  1. Support an economically efficient wholesale market system that minimizes cost to distribute and deliver electricity
  2. Facilitate non-discriminatory market participation regardless of resource type, business model, sector or location
  3. Develop transparent market prices reflective of marginal system cost and cost allocation reflective of cost-causation and service beneficiaries
  4. Support market participants in making efficient operational and investment decisions
  5. Maximize alignment of market requirements with system reliability requirements

Focus Areas

Market enhancement projects fall into at least one of seven development focus areas. Learn more about some of MISO’s key projects via the links below or view the Market Roadmap.

  1. Enhance unit commitment and economic dispatch processes
    Look-Ahead Tool
    Ramp Management   
  2. Maximize economic utilization of existing and planned transmission infrastructure
  3. Improve efficiency of prices under all operating condition
    Extended Locational Marginal Pricing (ELMP)
  4. Facilitate efficient transactions across market “seams” with neighboring regions
  5. Streamline market administrative processes that reduce transaction costs
  6. Maximize availability of non-confidential and non-competitive market information
  7. Support Efficient Development of Resources Consistent with Long-term Reliability and/or Public Policy Objectives

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