Look-Ahead Tool 

Look-Ahead UDS Initiative (LAUDS)

System conditions can change in the blink of an eye, so system operators must constantly review generation to be ready to meet those changes. MISO’s Look Ahead Unit Dispatch System Initiative (LAUDS) is a strategic, technical effort to improve our situational awareness toolset using the Look Ahead Commitment (LAC) Tool.

Look-Ahead Commitment Tool

The LAC Tool will act as the radar on a system operator’s instrument panel, helping the operator take appropriate action at the appropriate time. The LAC Tool will hone in on what’s coming up and the most likely near-term changes needed to keep energy flowing efficiently and cost-effectively. Conservative projections expect this “smart-thinking” application to provide market benefits of up to $2 million per year.

Improving System Operations

As a bridge between real-time data (information reliable for the next 30 minutes) and forward data (information forecasted for the next 3 hours), the LAC tool’s near-term commitment suggestions will optimize real-time unit commitments. Such optimization reduces price volatility, and improves the use of all generation resources.

LAC Tool Details  

The LAC Tool is comprised of two components — a new market optimization engine and the Look Ahead Topology Processor. 

  • The new hybrid market optimization engine incorporates commitment and dispatch functions into a single optimization engine, allowing system operators to make commitment decisions using similar modeling and detailed requirements as the MISO’s real-time dispatch tool.  
  • Look Ahead Topology Processor (LATOP) - As an extension of the existing Topology Processor application used in the Day-Ahead market, the LATOP application will run periodically (i.e. every 10 minutes) analyzing topology and related constraint information for LAC study intervals.   

Key LAC Study Inputs

  • Real-time offer parameters including the single directional up, down and bidirectional ramp rates
  • Real-time initial conditions and network topology
  • Real-time transmission constraints
  • Real-time Net Scheduled Interchange (NSI)
  • Real-time dispatch target instructions
  • Load forecast
  • Wind forecast
  • Outages
  • Prior commitment instructions
  • Contingency reserve sharing events
  • The latest State Estimator Information
  • The latest generation and transmission equipment outages
  • Operator overrides for topology and constraints
  • Selected constraints for a specified interval

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