Stakeholder Process Redesign 

Efforts and Updates 

We initiated the Stakeholder Process Redesign to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of MISO stakeholder process to meet its given objectives as defined in the MISO Transmission Owners' Agreement. The Advisory Committee approved the Stakeholder Redesign proposal during its December meeting. MISO, along with the Advisory Committee, Steering Committee and the Stakeholder Governance Working Group meet regularly to carry out the remainder of the tasks to bring the redesign to fruition.

What's New?

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Stakeholder Process Advisory Committee Introduction - December 7, 2016

May 25
The Advisory Committee identifies the most strategic issues upon which to focus in the coming year. MISO posts Advisory Committee Priorities on the committee's page in the Stakeholder Center.

March 23
The establishment of a new Issue Submission and Tracking process brings closure to one of the most important initiatives of the Stakeholder Process Redesign. All issues follow this process from start to finish, ensuring the stakeholder process continues to add value to all of our stakeholders.

Issue Submission and Tracking

To aide in the evaluation of the thousands of requests annually for both public and private data, the Steering Committee developed a Data Request form and some materials to help you move through the data request process.

February 15
n an effort to provide input to the Steering Committee regarding the reassignment of issues currently assigned the Demand Response Working Group, entity participants developed a list of recommendations. The  Steering Committee reviewed the list and officially assigned these issues to an appropriate entity during its meeting on January 27, 2016.

January 27
The Steering Committee approved the Resource Adequacy Subcommittee charter and management plan. Upon Advisory Committee approval, the RASC will inherent issues currently discussed in the Supply Adequacy Working Group, the Electric and Natural Gas Task Force and the Demand Response Working Group.

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 Redesign Documents

Issue Submission and Tracking Process
Redesigned Entity Structure
Stakeholder Governance Guide
Workshops, Meetings and Summaries
Implementation Checklist