Membership gives Stakeholders a voice in the committee process allowing them to provide advice and input to MISO on strategic and operational business decisions. It also guarantees participation in the election of MISO’s Board of Directors. Each member gets a single vote and can represent one company or several.

Membership Stakeholder Groups

Membership applicants join one of ten sectors for representation and voting purposes at meetings of the Advisory Committee and Planning Advisory Committee as well as for the election of MISO’s Board of Directors. Once you become a member, you may change sectors once per year by contacting

Note: The non-member sectors (i.e., the Public Consumer Advocates, State Regulatory Authorities, and Environmental/Other Stakeholder Organizations) of the Advisory Committee should not complete a membership application.  Such entities do not pay MISO membership fees and/or annual dues and do not vote on matters pertaining to MISO’s Board of Directors.  Instead, they should contact the above sector representatives directly.

Existing and New Members

Membership is easy, and it is the best way for you to provide input to MISO on planning, reliability, and market-related initiatives that may affect your business.

See a complete list of our existing members and their voting privileges.

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MISO Membership List (by Stakeholder Group)
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