Market Participants 

To ensure fair, efficient and competitive markets, MISO requires organizations to register as Market Participants before participating in Open Access Transmission, Energy and Operating Reserve Markets.

As a Market Participant, your company becomes a legal entity certified by MISO to submit bids to purchase energy, submit offers to supply energy and operating reserve, hold financial transmission or auction revenue rights and other market-related activities.

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Attachment B - Change of Information Document
Use these forms to maintain  information on file with MISO. You are required to notify us of changes such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Billing or Banking Information
  • Local Security Administrator Information–also requires submitting the LSA Information Form(pdf)
  • Security Officer Information
  • Commercial Model Information
  • Schedule 2—Reactive Supply and Voltage Control
  • Schedule 20—Station Power Service
  • Schedule 30—Emergency Demand Response
  • Schedule 33—Blackstart Service

Terminating Market Participant Status
Please complete and sign this form if you wish to terminate your Certified Market Participant status. MISO must receive the request no later than five (5) business days prior to the requested termination date.

You may reapply to become a Market Participant no earlier than one (1) month after the effective date of termination, and only provided that you are not in default of any obligation incurred under the Tariff.

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