Tariff and Business Practices Subcommittee (TBPS) 

The Tariff and Business Practices Subcommittee (TBPS) provides a forum to address and advise on the implementation of the Tariff through MISO's business practices. The primary objectives of this subcommittee are to ensure consistency and compatibility across  MISO's market design core elements and between the Business Practices Manuals (BPM), Operating Procedures and the MISO Tariff.
Chair Vice Chair
Marc Nielsen Ginger Jenkins
(608) 458-3945 (317) 910-5260
MarcNielsen@alliantenergy.com gjenkins@ces-ltd.com
MISO Liaison Stakeholder Relations Specialist
Christi Larson Bethany Thompson
(317) 249-5822 bthompson@misoenergy.org



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