Issue Submission Process & Tracking 

The Issue Submission Process ensures an efficient, centralized and transparent method of introducing issues in the MISO Stakeholder Process.  MISO and MISO Stakeholders must submit all new issues or modifications to existing issues to the Steering Committee for review and placement as detailed below. 

Submit an Issue

Complete the Issue Submission Form to submit a new issue for consideration and potential assignment by the Steering Committee. Please answer all fields in the form completely.  Incomplete forms will be returned to the requestor.

Attach and email your completed form to will acknowledge receipt via email and send your form to the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will review your submission and notify you of the meeting date when the issue will be addressed by the committee.

2017 Market Roadmap Candidate Submission

To submit a candidate for consideration in the 2017 Market Roadmap Process, submit the Issue Submission Form to

Market Roadmap Timeline

Final Deadline for submitting candidates for consideration in the 2017 Market Roadmap Process is May 11, 2017.  Candidates submitted after the deadline will be considered for prioritization in the 2018 Market Roadmap Process.

Issue Assignment

If the Steering Committee assigns the issue to one of the stakeholder Entities, they will provide you with a proposed date for introduction to the Stakeholder Entity that will carry the issue forward.

Common Issues

Some issues may require discussion by more than one stakeholder Entity. In these cases, Parent Entity leadership will determine a date and time to hold a “Common Issues” meeting to discuss your issue with MISO and the MISO stakeholders.

Issue Submission Tracking Log

The Steering Committee tracks all issues submitted for consideration in the Issue Submission Tracking Log. Use the log to review all submitted issues, both pending and resolved. 

You may also review individual submissions using the links below

Pending Issue Submissions
Decided Issue Submissions

Process Map

Use the Issue Submission/Modification tracking map to see the Issue Submission Tracking process from start to finish.