Stakeholder Entity Issue Tracking 

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An issue is "a topic of dispute or debate or a suggested enhancement that is significant as to necessitate examination through an open forum that may warrant change to a MISO business process." We are committed to tracking each issue from conception to realization using this issue tracking tool.

With this tool, you can sort though committee issues by Last Modified Date, Owning Entity,  Priority, or the Short Status. Click on the title of each issue to get more details.

Status Definitions

  • New – Issue criteria is met and agreed upon by MISO and Stakeholders. 
  • Closed –  Issue is resolved.
  • Other – Issue criteria is met, but cannot be resolved in the near-term planning horizon.
  • Conceptual Design / Evaluation – Submit project candidate sheet for funding, if necessary, and  vet required Tariff language and any affected processes or procedures through the stakeholder process.
  • Detail Design / Solution Development – Define the approach, estimate project budget, secure funding and continue work on Tariff language.
  • Construction / Development – Define project and implementation schedule, finalize Tariff and procedure language and seek construction funding, if necessary.
  • Implement / Operationalize – Begin testing, file necessary Tariff  language and update any affected processes or procedures.
  • On-Hold – Issue is on hold due to dependency on another issue(s) or a FERC Order.

 "Open" Stakeholder Entity issues are shown by default in the table below.  To view the "Closed" or "Other" issues, click on the appropriate radio button below.

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Issue ID
Owning Entity
Primary Entity
Issue Short Status
8/8/2017MR046Day-Ahead Reliability Assessment Commitment (DA-RAC) Software Performance EnhancementMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumClosed
7/12/2017MR031Introduce Multi-Day Financial CommitmentsMarket EnhancementsMSCHighConceptual Design / Evaluation
7/6/2017RASC003Hydro Asset Accreditation Resource Adequacy Subcommittee (RASC)LowConceptual Design / Evaluation
6/15/2017MR061Locational Capacity Market ReformsMarket EnhancementsRASCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
6/15/2017MR010Short-Term Capacity Pricing and Reliability RequirementsMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
6/15/2017MR018Extended Locational Marginal Pricing (ELMP) Phase IIMarket EnhancementsMSCHighImplement / Operationalize
5/12/2017MSC103Cost Recovery GapMSCMSCMediumConstruction / Development
5/11/2017MR036Aggregate Load and/or Storage to Meet Minimum Participation LimitMSCMSCHighConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR002Enhanced Modeling of Combined Cycle GeneratorsMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR054Application of Dynamic and Predictive RatingsMarket EnhancementsMSCLowConstruction / Development
5/4/2017MR007Optimize Flow-Control Resource DispatchMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR005Introduce a Virtual Spread ProductMSCHighConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR051New Storage ResourceMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR049Demand Response/BTMG/EDR Deployment During Capacity EmergencyMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR050Behind the Meter Storage Aggregation Under DRR Type IIMarket EnhancementsMSCHighConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR025Address Seasonal Resource Adequacy RequirementsMarket EnhancementsRASCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR027Automatic Generation Control (AGC) Enhancement for Fast-Ramping ResourcesMarket EnhancementsMSCHighConceptual Design / Evaluation
5/4/2017MR026Implement 5-Minute Settlement CalculationsMarket EnhancementsMSCHighConstruction / Development
5/4/2017MR042Evaluating the Energy Offer Cap and Value of Lost Load (VOLL)Market EnhancementsMSCLowDetail Design / Solution Development
5/4/2017MR037Manage Power Swings Caused by Market-to-Market (M2M) DispatchMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumConstruction / Development
5/4/2017MR043MISO-PJM Coordinated Transaction Scheduling (CTS)Market EnhancementsMSCLowConstruction / Development
5/4/2017MR044MISO-PJM Interchange Modeling and Pricing EnhancementsMarket EnhancementsMSCHighImplement / Operationalize
5/4/2017MR030Tighten Thresholds for Unistructed DeviationsMarket EnhancementsMSCMediumDetail Design / Solution Development
4/6/2017RSC004Frequency ResponseRSCRSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
3/10/2017PAC002Attachment Y and Planning Resource Auction (PRA) AlignementPACLowConceptual Design / Evaluation
3/10/2017RECBWG001Generator Sponsored Upgrade Cost Reimbursement and Eligibility for Shared Network Upgrades (Customer Funded Upgrades)RECBWGLowNew
3/10/2017RASC001MISO SPP Joint Parties Settlement Cost Allocation MetricsRASCLowNew
12/5/2016MR034Cross-LBA DR ParticipationMarket EnhancementsMSCLowOther
12/1/2016MR038Allocate Additional Feasible Auction Revenue Rights (ARR)Market EnhancementsMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
12/1/2016MR000Market RoadmapMarket EnhancementsMSCHighOther
11/14/2016RSC003Pseudo Tie Congestion Management Processes Need to WorkRSCRSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
10/27/2016ROWG001Resilient OperationsRSCROWG-CLOSEDMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
10/4/2016RASC002Storage Under Resource AdequacyRASCLowNew
10/4/2016IPTF001Storage InterconnectionPACIPTFLowNew
8/30/2016MSC102Offline Supplemental Reserve Real Time (RT) Buyback MSCMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
8/30/2016MSC100Mechanism to Make Pseudo-Tie Unit WholeMSCMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation
1/26/2016MR033Incentive for Frequency Response ServiceMarket EnhancementsMSCLowConceptual Design / Evaluation
8/26/2015MSC054External Asynchronous Resources (EAR) EnhancementMSCMediumConceptual Design / Evaluation