Each year, MISO and its members report the outcome of annual planning cycles to the MISO Board of Directors (BOD) in the form of MISO Transmission Expansion Planning (MTEP) reports.

The current MTEP12 cycle started in 2011 when stakeholders submitted proposed projects. After extensive evaluation and stakeholder review, appropriate  projects were recommended for inclusion in MTEP12. MISO’s Board of Directors unanimously approved MTEP12 at the December 13, 2012 board meeting.

The MTEP12 report also includes the status of previously approved MTEP projects, as well as chapters about recent and current transmission planning studies and findings.

MTEP12 Reports

The traditional annual MISO MTEP report is  finalized in the fall and submitted to the MISO Board of Directors in December.  MISO also produces a smaller report during the spring for submission to the BOD in June.

Full MTEP12 Report - Flipbook 

Full MTEP12 Report (pdf)  
    Table of Contents
    Chapter 1 - Executive Summary 
    Chapter 2 - MTEP12 Overview 
    Chapter 3 - Historical MTEP Plan Status 
    Chapter 4 - Reliability Analysis 
    Chapter 5 - Economic Analysis 
    Chapter 6 - MISO Resource Assessment 
    Chapter 7 - Policy Landscape Studies 
    Chapter 8 - Targeted Regional Energy Policy Studies

Appendices A, B, and C
Appendices A1, A2, and A3 
Other MTEP12 Appendices 

MTEP12 Stakeholder Substantive Comments with MISO Responses

MTEP12 Fall Report Schedule 
MTEP12 Cost Allocation Presentation
MTEP12 Cost Allocation Spreadsheet 
MTEP12 Market Efficiency Project Cost Allocation

MTEP12 ATC Out of Cycle Study

Some circumstances require project approval prior to the next annual MTEP cycle. Transmission Owners may justify an out-of-cycle (OOC) study if it will help drive a timely response to significant load additions or other new system needs that require budgeting, regulatory milestones, construction and other project development support prior to approval of the next MTEP.

Current Out-of-Cycle Requests

MTEP Status Reports

Find the current status of MTEP in MISO's Monthly Transmission Planning Reports.