Ad-Hoc Requests and Workshops 

The pre-queue team is available to assist you and answer questions about your generator interconnection request, including study procedures, requirements and what to do in unique situations.

Ad-Hoc Requests

To request an Ad Hoc Information Session you must first have:

  • Identified a site location for a potential project.
  • Unique questions about your situation.
  • A need to better understand available points of interconnection as well as known issues on the local transmission system.
  • Questions or concerns not addressed during monthly conference calls and/or workshops.

Completed the Ad Hoc Information Session request form and submit it to: “Manager, Interconnection Planning” by U.S. mail using our Carmel P.O. Box or by e-mail

Queue Process Workshops

Queue Process Workshops provide an overview of the queue application process and will help address your specific needs and questions. If you would like MISO to coordinate communication between you and affected Transmission Owners you also may request an Ad Hoc information session.

Level 200 - Generation Interconnection Queue Process Workshop