Transmission Pricing 

Users of the MISO Transmission System, or Transmission Owners (TOs), pay transmission rates that are developed and maintained by the Transmission Pricing group for select Tariff Schedules. Customers also may count on us for technical assistance and support on Midwest ISO Transmission rate-related matters.

When TOs submit completed Attachments O, GG, MM, SS, and ZZ via e-mail, the Transmission Pricing Group reviews, approves and uses them to help calculate Transmission Rates for settlement of transmission charges and the distribution of transmission revenue. By using an interactive review process, we ensure issue awareness, and encourage input from TOs. Our process provides non-discriminatory reviews of Attachments O, GG, MM, SS, and ZZ submissions annually. And, for further transparency, you'll find all finalized documents on this website (See the table below for links to data).

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Attachments, Schedules and TO Data

Learn more about FERC-approved rules, regulations, guidelines, and calculations for the Transmission Rates by using this list of itemized Tariff sections. These links will help you find Transmission Pricing-related Attachments and Schedules as well as Transmission-Owner data. 

These transmission rates are effective as of the date of their posting and will not reflect any retroactive adjustments due to FERC Orders or any other reasons.

Attachment O: Rate Formulae  Tariff  Data
Attachment GG: Network Upgrade Charge  Tariff  Data
Attachment MM: MVP Revenue Requirement Summary  Tariff  Data
Attachment SS: Revenue Requirement Calculation  Tariff  Data
Attachment ZZ: NERC Recommendation or Essential Action Charge  Tariff  Data

Schedule 1: Scheduling, System Control and Dispatch Services  Data  Tariff  Rates

Schedule 2: Reactive Supply and Voltage Control From Generation or Other Sources Service

 Data  Tariff
Schedule 7:Long-Term Firm and Short-Term Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service  Tariff
Schedule 8: Non-Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service  Tariff
Schedule 9: Network Integration Transmission Service  Tariff
Schedule 26: Network Upgrade Change from Transmission Expansion Plan  Tariff
Schedule 33: Blackstart Service  Tariff
Schedule 41: Charge to Recover Costs of Entergy Storm Securitization Charges  Tariff
Schedule 42-A: Charge to Recover Accrued and Paid Interest Associated with Prepayments  Tariff
Schedule 42-B: Credit Associated with AFUDC  Tariff
Schedule 45: Cost Recovery of NERC Recommendation or Essential Action  Tariff
Schedule 47: Entergy Operating Companies MISO Transition Cost Recovery Tariff
Schedule 24: Control Area Operator Cost Recovery  Tariff  Rates



Rate changes were processed to incorporate the following:

  •  Schedule 2 
    • MISO system-wide rates decreased 0.29%.

These changes are effective December 1, 2017.

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