General FAQs for Outage Coordination 

Does the person/job function that TOPs and GOPs talk to at MISO vary by day.
Yes, if the outage occurs today/within the day, you will be directed to a Real Time Operation shift position. If the outage occurs the next business day, you will be directed to the Transmission Security Planning Engineer. If the outage occurs two business days out (skips a day), or if you have any general outage coordination question during business hours, please contact the Outage Coordination Group.

Can you submit overlapping unit derate outage requests?
No. Overlapping outage requests are not permitted with exception of outage with the Equipment Request Type of Hotline Work and Informational.   If a derate outage value needs to be modified, you may directly edit the value and save the change. (Note: outage requests in the Implemented status, the derate value may only be edited in the Request/Details Approval Tab.

How do I register for CROW Outage Scheduling Training?
Routine training sessions for the CROW outage scheduler are not provided. Please see user guides and past training documents available via provided links. Or for specific training needs, please directly contact MISO outage coordination management.

Through web services, i.e. XML API, can a submitter query on any of the three names?

If a generator has a Derate in effect and the unit trips, can an outage request be submitted without first ending the derate?
No, the Derate must first be completed/ended. This issue is under review for potential future modifications. 

Query results on the Outage Request Index page cannot display more than 300 items. How can a Query result containing more than 300 items be viewed?
First, narrow down your search filters to reduce returned results. Additionally, the Operations Report functions can be used to generate a report containing Query results for viewing or download to a file.

Are gen aux transformers included in the outage scheduler?
Yes, if included in the MISO EMS model. This is normally not the case but if they are included in the model, transformers are considered transmission equipment and available to transmission operators to submit outage requests.

Can Transmission Operator “A” link their outage, i.e. predecessor/successor, to an outage belonging to Transmission Operator “B”?

If an outage request has been approved, can an operator still add comments to the request?
Yes, prior to implementing the outage, the user can submit a change request and add/change the comments field.

Can email notifications include multiple addresses?
The Approval Notification may include multiple addresses; subscription notifications are limited to the subscriber email address only.

Can a change request be cancelled by a generator or transmission operator?
No, contact the MISO for assistance.

Regarding system protection, how does the TOP enter outage request information for load-shedding relays (e.g. UFLS) that are controlled by another entity such as another LBA or LSE?
Operator enters outage information on equipment for which they have operational control or they have TOP obligations.

If a company has viewing rights for a neighboring utility, can they generate a report that includes both?

If we inadvertently cancel a request, can we call Midwest ISO to reinstate it without losing our place in the queue?
As a TO/GO user, you have the ability to reinstate a cancel request. Queue priority will have to be determined on a case by case basis. It will depend on how long the outage was canceled prior to reinstatement. If it was simply a user error, and it was immediately reinstated, the MISO will take this into consideration. If the outage has been canceled for a day or more prior to reinstatement the queue priority may not necessarily be retained.