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To help facilitate Outage Coordination we’ve provided useful links and answers to frequently asked questions. See Related Documents on the right for the Outage Operations Policy and training materials.

Go to CROW Outage Scheduling System on the Market Portal (secure)
Access guides, facility info & other FERC Order 889 documents (secure)

CROW Training Materials

CROW Launch—2009 Training Presentation (pdf)
Change Request Presentation—April 2010 (pdf)
User Overview Guide—CROW Release (pdf)
User Overview Guide—CROW Release 5.6.0.X (pdf)


Frequently Asked Questions

Use these FAQs to help you find historical transmission outage records from AREVA and to access the CROW Outage Scheduling System. We also have answers to other frequently asked questions on more general topics.

How do I obtain my submitted outage records from the retired AREVA Outage Scheduling system?
Historic transmission outage dates are available on the MISO OASIS site in the Planned Outage Reports posting section. Additionally, outage records owners may request their outage date. Specifically identify the outage records you seek on the Information Data Request form. 

For CROW support, who do I contact?
There are several avenues available for CROW support and for providing general feedback to CROW Administrators.

  • To submit planed or future events, please contact the Outage Coordination team.
  • To submit real-time events, please contact MISO control room, Regional Operations Engineering (ROE).
  • For CROW system outage or user access issues,please contact the MISO IT Operations Center at 866-626-6476.
  • To provide general feedback on the CROW Outage Scheduling System, please use the Feedback Action button available in CROW WEB (reports tab), or you may contact Outage Coordination Management.

Still not sure who to contact? Call 866-626-6476 or find other ways to access Client Relations for help.

How do I obtain access to CROW?
Please contact your company’s Local Security Administrator (LSA). Member participant LSAs are responsible to grant CROW access. If you don't know your company’s designated LSA, contact our client relations department.  

My LSA recently gave me CROW access, but I still cannot get into CROW.
New accounts are provisioned in CROW daily at 02:00 and 14:00 ET. If your account access is still not available after the above provisioning times, please confirm/review access setup with your LSA. For further support please have your LSA contact the IT Operations Center at 866-626-6476

There are two typical errors encountered when CROW accounts are provisioned:

  1. Make sure each CROW user has a unique e-mail address. Accounts without a unique e-mail address are not provisioned in CROW. Users will typically see an error similar to  “Access Not Available” when they attempt login.
  2. If you receive the error below, then you are not yet authorized to connect to the MISO Market Portal where CROW resides. If you feel that you should be authorized, please work with your LSA to confirm that the DN string of your user setup matches the DN string of your digital certificate.

Not Found
The requested URL /MISO/ was not found on this server.
Apache Server at markets.midwestiso.org Port 443

Where can I get information on which certificates are needed, which ones are free, Individual/Group certificates, etc?
Please refer to the MISO LSA User Guide (See Related Documents).

There are two types of Portal Certificates; will the Transmission Log-in Portal certificate automatically work with the Outage Scheduler?

Can non-market entities access the Outage Scheduler since they may not already have access to the Market Portal?
Yes, non-market entities can access the Outage Scheduler, but they must first obtain access to the Market Portal. For help with accessing the Market Portal or requesting NDAs, contact Client Relations.

What do I do if I am interested in using the CROW Web Services API?
Please contact Outage Coordination or your company's client representative to obtain XML specification documents.

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