Markets and Operations 

As one of the world’s leading Regional Transmission Organizations and the largest geographical organization of its kind, MISO provides independent, equal and non-discriminatory access to the electric transmission system. MISO's efficient market operations ensure and support increased grid reliability.  

In 2015, those efforts provided between $2.1 billion and $3.1 billion in regional benefits, driven by enhanced reliability, more efficient use of the region’s existing transmission and generation assets, and a reduced need for new assets. Find out more from our annual Value Proposition study. 


Reliability - LMP MapManaging the reliability of nearly 50,000 miles of high voltage transmission lines requires experienced staff, superior tools and precise practices. MISO improves reliability, in part, by providing a regional view of the power system and market-based congestion management.

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Energy Markets

Energy MarketMISO's world-class energy markets serve as a platform for matching the supply and demand of energy. As a result, our energy markets and their efficient operation optimize transmission utilization, allow market transparency, eliminate pancaked transmission rates and centralize unit commitment and dispatch.

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