Severe Weather Alert effective 11/05/2017 14:10 EST 

MISO declares a Severe Weather Alert for Central Region area(s) of: CIN, HE, IPL, NIPS effective from 11/05/2017 14:10 EST to 11/05/2017 20:00 EST. The following conditions are expected: Severe Storms and Tornado's. Tornado's reported around Seymore IN

MISO requests that maintenance and testing on any critical transmission or generation system be deferred or cancelled. Operators are also requested to review SO-P-NOP-00-449.

Conservative Systems Operations Procedure: Severe Weather Alert Section for your expected actions. MISO will send additional information, if necessary.

Please be prepared if weather conditions change and significant impacts to the BES are expected, MISO may declare Conservative System Operations.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Relations at 1-866-296-6476, option 3. For technical support from the IT Operations Center, choose option 2.