Max Gen Event Step 1 b-c and NERC EEA 1 effective 09/22/2017 14:30 EST 

Maximum Generation Event Step - 1b-c and NERC EEA 1 Declaration
Emergency Pricing Offer Floor 1 still in effect.

The MISO Reliability Coordinator is declaring a Maximum Generation Event Step 1b/c and NERC EEA Level 1 effective from 09/22/2017 14:30 EST until 09/22/2017 20:00 EST for the following entities: MISO Balancing Authority Area.

The reason for the Event is because of Forced Generation Outages, Above Normal Temps, Higher than Forecasted Load.

This is a reminder that Ex Post LMP and MCP are preliminary until verified and finalized by MISO within five (5) business days.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Relations at 1-866-296-6476, option 3. For technical support from the IT Operations Center, choose option 2.