Max Gen Event Step 1a effective 09/22/2017 14:00 EST 

Maximum Generation Event Step - 1a Declaration
Emergency Pricing Offer Floor 1 still in effect

The MISO Reliability Coordinator is declaring a Maximum Generation Event Step 1a effective from 09/22/2017 14:00 EST until 09/22/2017 20:00 EST for the following entities: MISO Balancing Authority Area.

The reason for the Event is because of Forced Generation Outages, Above Normal Temps, Higher than Forecasted Load.

Additionally, any available external MISO capacity resources should be scheduled into the MISO BA Area at this time.

This is a reminder that Ex Post LMP and MCP are preliminary until verified and finalized by MISO within five (5) business days.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Relations at 1-866-296-6476, option 3. For technical support from the IT Operations Center, choose option 2.