**DRILL REMINDER: XML Drill planned for tomorrow, Wednesday November 29th, starting @ 13:00 EST** 


The next monthly XML drill is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday, November 29th starting @ 13:00 EST through 15:00 EST (pending any system or individual LBA issues).

The LBAs have been divided up into 4 different groupings for the drill and will switch from ICCP to XML for approximately 15 minutes each during the planned test time. All Market Participants will receive each drill start and stop message for each group but should only participate in the drill group of their respective LBA.
An MCS message will be sent out to each LBA tomorrow notifying each LBA of when they should start and end their testing.

**GBAO's will NO longer contact entities to discuss XML Drill Results.  After receiving the XML Drill "Stop" Message, participants should reply to the "stop" message if any issues were experienced while attempting to switch to XML.  MISO will assume a successful XML Drill for an entity if no reply is received via the MCS.**

Please notify your GBAO of any questions.

MISO Shift Manager

If you have any questions, please contact Client Relations at 1-866-296-6476, option 3. For technical support from the IT Operations Center, choose option 2.