Final Posting of December 2017 Network and Commercial Model 

MISO has posted the Final December 2017 Commercial & Energy Management Systems (EMS) Network Model (Power System Simulator for Engineering [PSS/E] format). The posted file can be found in the following location:
Extranet -> Model -> EMS Model -> Network and Commercial Models -> 2017
At that site, please look for the file with the following name “MISO Commercial Model Posting Dec 2017”.
This Zip file includes the following files:
Ø  GEN Common Name to CPNode Mapping December2017_final.xlsx
Ø  MISO Commercial Model Posting December2017_final.xlsx
Ø  CPNode Mapping December2017_final.xlsx
Ø  December2017_Final.raw
Ø  December2017_Final.sav

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