DART Outage - 9/14/2017 16:00 EST - 17:00 EST 

 MISO will be performing system maintenance on the ASM Production Day-Ahead and Real-Time (DART) system from 09/14/2017 16:00 EST to 09/14/2017 17:00 EST.  There will be an associated outage of the Portal web pages, Extensible Markup Language (XML), and interfaces (including outgoing XML notifications and Real Time Offer overrides submitted directly via the Market Portal or API).  The outage is expected to be roughly 40 minutes in length. If a longer outage becomes necessary an update will be sent out.

We expect that 6 to 8 Unit Dispatch System (UDS) intervals will be missed during the outage window and outbound set-points may have an interruption.  During this time the use of the Dispatch Target Adjustment Mode may be used. Market participants are not to switch to XML unless otherwise notified.

MISO - MBHydro CRSG members may receive an error message when entering a request for ARS assistance, but the event will be processed normally within the ARS system. The error message indicates the event was not processed within the MISO market dispatch systems. All BAs external to MISO dispatch should adjust their NSI, as per normal operation, to receive or supply ARS assistance MW's. If anyone receives an error message when entering an ARS event, please contact the MISO Balancing Authority Operator to confirm that we have received the event. The Balancing Authority Operator will then be able to verify that all affected participants have acknowledged the event in the MISO – MBHydro CRSG ARS application.

There will also be an associated outage to the M2M data exchange with PJM and SPP and all of the JOA-IDC data exchanges including TLR information. Manual M2M coordination process with PJM will not be available during this outage window.

Real time updates and additional information will be sent from the MISO Shift Manager if necessary.

If you have any questions, please contact Client Relations at 1-866-296-6476, option 3 or for technical support from the Network Operations Center, choose option 1.