MISO is extending Conservative Operations for MISO Balancing Authority Area effective 09/21/2017 20:00 EST 

The MISO Reliability Coordinator (RC) is EXTENDING Conservative Operations, effective from 09/21/2017 20:00 EST to 09/26/2017 20:00 EST for the following entities: MISO Balancing Authority Area and instructs that:

  • All transmission and Generation maintenance is suspended in the affected area for the duration of the Conservative Operations period, unless such maintenance will result in improved Bulk Electric System (BES) monitoring, control and security.  Such maintenance will be coordinated between MISO and the applicable entity. The return to service of equipment on outage should be coordinated between MISO and the applicable entity. MISO Outage Coordination may permit on a case-by-case basis specific transmission maintenance that does not impact the Bulk Electric System. Transmission Operators (TOPs) and Generation Operators (GOPs) in the affected area, in coordination with the MISO and their Local Balancing Authority (LBA), are to review outage plans to determine whether any maintenance or testing, scheduled or being performed on any monitoring, control, transmission or generating equipment can be deferred or cancelled.

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