September 15th deadline for Network/Commercial/FTR model changes 

MISO Transmission Owners and Market Participants are reminded that September 15, 2017 is the deadline for submitting network and commercial model changes to be included in the December 2017 model release, and FTR model changes to be implemented in the seasonal FTR models that support the 2017/2018 monthly FTR Auctions. 
Per IRO-010 R3, all modeling information must be submitted in accordance with the MISO IRO-010 R1 Data Specification: RTO-SPEC-006 MISO Reliability Data Specification, Section 3.1 System Modeling and Parameters and within the MISO established modeling timeframe.  Any late submittals for the December 2017 model are being tracked by MISO and may result in project delay.  For the December 2017 network model update, please include transmission equipment changes that will be in operation by March 1, 2018 as well as transmission equipment that will be retired by March 1, 2018.  In accordance with FAC-008-3 requirements R7 and R8, all facility ratings for “solely and jointly owned Facilities that are existing Facilities, new Facilities, modifications to existing Facilities and re-ratings of existing Facilities” shall be included as part of the data submittal.  The transmission equipment changes will be used to update the MISO EMS or node-breaker model.  Therefore, the data should not be submitted in any bus-branch format.  The preferred method is through the use of the MISO Model Webtool.  Commercial model changes must be submitted via Attachment B.
Seasonal FTR models applicable dates are listed below.  Please provide the list of MOD projects and phases (if applicable) to be used for the seasonal FTR models.
·              The FTR model changes for the spring 2018 FTR model should include all known, approved and budgeted future equipment that will be in service by March 1, 2018.
MISO’s 2017-2018 Network & Commercial Model Update schedule can be found at the following location: []

If you have any questions, please contact Client Relations at 1-866-296-6476, option 3. For technical support from the IT Operations Center, choose option 2.