During each business day, MISO shares information with stakeholders and other interested parties that may impact business decisions and transactions. You also may choose to receive any or all of these notifications as e-mails. Each type of notification has its own mailing list. To manage your list subscriptions, log in to your profile and choose the lists appropriate for your business needs.

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ARR & FTR Market

Find detailed information about Annual Auction Rights (ARRs) and Financial Transmission Rights (FTRs) Markets and FTR-system issues or concerns.
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Real-Time Operations

Find information that may impact real-time operations including weather alerts, Min Gen, Max Gen and System Status Level notifications.   
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Energy & Operating Reserves Pricing

Find information about the Energy and Operating Reserves Markets, including LMP and MCP pricing.
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IT & System Notifications

Find planned  IT maintenance activities including DART, EMS and ICCP as well as any planned system outages that may impact business activities.
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Market Settlements

Find Market Settlements notifications including administration and execution updates as well as unforeseen issues.
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