We understand parties may wish to make Tariff filings between now and the end of the year, seeking a January 1, 2015 effective date.  To ensure the availability of adequate resources to fully support your Tariff filing needs, please notify Rhiannon Shelley (rshelley@misoenergy.org) or Amy Jones (ajones@misoenergy.org) as soon as possible of any upcoming FERC filings related to MISO’s Tariff, Rate Schedules or Service Agreements that you would like to make by December 31, 2014.  We recognize the importance of making these filings in a timely manner and sincerely appreciate your cooperation in our planning efforts. 

These renditions of the MISO Tariff are provided to allow interested parties the opportunity to review Tariff provisions electronically.  MISO Legal staff makes every effort to ensure the Tariff provisions posted here represent the current language on file with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”); however, reference should be made to the appropriate FERC filings and orders to establish the filed rates or terms and conditions of service at any particular point in time. 

The “As Filed” Tariff reflects language filed with FERC through the date shown.

The “As Filed-Highlighted” Tariff, which will be updated quarterly, includes highlighting to indicate the status of pending or not-yet-effective Tariff language.  Please refer to the following legend when reviewing the “As Filed-Highlighted” Tariff:

 Highlighting  Status  Description
 Yellow  Pending  New language proposed in a discretionary
 (i.e. not filed in response to a Commission
 order) Section 205 filing which is pending
 FERC order.
 Light Blue  Accepted  Language accepted by FERC order, which
 has an effective date in the future.
 Green  Pending on Compliance  Language proposed as part of a
 compliance filing and is pending a final
 FERC order.
 Pink  Conditionally Accepted  Language conditionally accepted by FERC
 or otherwise associated with a docket that
 requires a subsequent compliance filing(s).

Additionally, a breakdown of as-filed Tariff modules, schedules and attachments, as well as their related BPMs and committees, is provided below for your reference.

If you have questions or concerns regarding specific Tariff sections, revisions or filings, please contact tariff@misoenergy.org. 

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Module F - Coordination Services
Schedule 01 - HVDC02/23/2015
Schedule 01 - Scheduling, System Control And Dispatch Service02/23/2015
Schedule 02 - Reactive Supply and Voltage Control02/23/2015
Schedule 02-A – Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 03 - Regulating Reserve02/23/2015
Schedule 04 - Energy Imbalance Service02/23/2015
Schedule 05 - Spinning Reserve02/23/2015
Schedule 06 - Suplemental Reserve02/23/2015
Schedule 07 - Long-Term and Short-Term Firm Point-To-Point Service02/23/2015
Schedule 07 - Michigan Long-Term and Short-Term Firm02/23/2015
Schedule 08 - Michigan Non-Firm Point-to-Point Transmission Service02/23/2015
Schedule 08 - Non-Firm Point-To-Point Transmission Service02/23/2015
Schedule 09 - ATC Network Service Rate Phase-In Period02/23/2015
Schedule 09 - Michigan Network Integration Transmission Service02/23/2015
Schedule 09 - Network Integration Transmission Service02/23/2015
Schedule 10 - ISO Cost Recovery Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 10-A - Midwest ISO Alternate Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 10-B - Interim ISO Cost Recovery Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 10-C - Schedule 10C - LGE, KU Cost Recovery Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 10-D - ATSI and Eligible Customer Alternative Schedule 10 Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 10-E – Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 10-FERC - Annual Charges Recovery02/23/2015
Schedule 10-G DEO and DEK and Eligible Customer Alternative Schedule 10 Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 11 - Wholesale Distribution Service02/23/2015
Schedule 12 - Gross Receipts Tax Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 13 - Calculation, Use of Reserved Capacity Multipliers for Intl02/23/2015
Schedule 14 - Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 15 - Power Factor Correction Service02/23/2015
Schedule 16 - FTR Administrative Service Cost Recovery 02/23/2015
Schedule 16-A - LGE, KU FTR Administrative Service Cost Recovery Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 16-B - ATSI and Eligible Customer Alternative Schedule 16 Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 16-C DEO and DEK and Eligible Customer Alternative Schedule 16 Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 17 - Energy Market Support Administrative Service Cost Recovery02/23/2015
Schedule 17-A - LGE, KU Energy Market Support Cost Recovery02/23/2015
Schedule 17-B - ATSI and Eligible Customer Alternative Schedule 17 Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 17-C DEO and DEK and Eligible Customer Alternative Schedule 17 Administrative Cost Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 18 - Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 19 - Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 20 - Treatment of Station Power02/23/2015
Schedule 21 - Interim SECA Charge Applicable To PJM Entities02/23/2015
Schedule 22 - SECA Charges to Midwest ISO Zones, Sub-Zones, And Customers02/23/2015
Schedule 23 - Recovery of Schedule 10 and Schedule 17 Costs from GFAs02/23/2015
Schedule 24 - Local Balancing Authority Cost Recovery02/23/2015
Schedule 24-A - BA Cost Recovery Accounting, Revenue Requirement02/23/2015
Schedule 25 - Cross-Border Allocation Tariff Provisions02/23/2015
Schedule 26 - Network Upgrade From Transmission Expansion Plan02/23/2015
Schedule 26-A - Multi-Value Project Usage Rate02/23/2015
Schedule 27 - RTORSGP and DAMAP02/23/2015
Schedule 27-A - Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 28 - Demand Curves for Operating Reserve and Regulating Reserve02/23/2015
Schedule 28-A - Demand Curves for Transmission Constraints02/23/2015
Schedule 28-B - Sub-Regional Power Balance Constraint Demand Curve02/23/2015
Schedule 29 - EORM Simultaneous Co-optimized Formulations02/23/2015
Schedule 29-A - ELMP for Energy and Operating Reserve Market02/23/2015
Schedule 30 - Emergency Demand Response Initiative02/23/2015
Schedule 31 - Reliability Coordination Service Cost Recovery Adder02/23/2015
Schedule 32 - Reserved02/23/2015
Schedule 33 – ATC Annual Revenue Requirement Blackstart02/23/2015
Schedule 33 - ATCLLC Formula Rate Template Protocols for Blackstart Resource Service02/23/2015
Schedule 33 - Blackstart Service02/23/2015
Schedule 34 - Allocation of Cost Associated with Reliability Penalty02/23/2015
Schedule 35 - HVDC Agreement Cost Recovery Fee02/23/2015
Schedule 36 - ITC PARs02/23/2015
Schedule 37 - MTEP Project Cost Recovery for ATSI02/23/2015
Schedule 38 - MTEP Project Cost Recovery for DEO and DEK02/23/2015
Schedule 39 - MVP Financial Obligations and Cost Recovery for Withdrawing Transmission Owners02/23/2015
Schedule 41 - Charge to Recover Costs of Entergy Storm Securitization02/23/2015
Schedule 42-A - Entergy Charge to Recover Interest02/23/2015
Schedule 42-B - Entergy Credit Associated with AFUDC02/23/2015
Schedule 43 – Allocation of SSR Costs Associated with the Escanaba SSR Units02/23/2015
Schedule 43-C - Allocation of SSR Costs Associated with the Edwards 1 SSR Unit02/23/2015
Schedule 43-H - Allocation of SSR Costs Associated with White Pine02/23/2015
Schedule 44 - Voltage and Local Reliability Commitment Allocation Study and Commercially Significant VLR Issue Study02/23/2015
Schedule 45 – Cost Recovery of NERC Recommendation or Essential Action02/23/2015
Schedule 46 - Constraint Management Charge Allocation Factor Study02/23/2015
Schedule 47 - Entergy Operating Companies MISO Transition Cost Recovery02/23/2015

Tariff Schedules apply to the following BPMs:
BPM 012 - Transmission Settlements09/01/2014
BPM 014 - Station Power05/15/2014
BPM 022 - Blackstart Service12/17/2014
01. Attachment A - Form of Service Agreement for Short-Term Firm Point-To-Point02/23/2015
02. Attachment A-1 - Form of Service Agreement - Long-Term Firm Point-to-Point02/23/2015
03. Attachment A-2 Form of Service Agreement for Resale, Reassignment, Transfer02/23/2015
04. Attachment A-3 - Form of Service Agrement for Short-Term Firm HVDC Service02/23/2015
05. Attachment A-3-1 - Form of Service Agreement for Long-Term HVDC Service02/23/2015
06. Attachment A-4 - Form of Service Agreement for Resale, Reassignment, Transfer02/23/2015
07. Attachment B - Form of Service Agreement for Non-Firm Point-to-Point02/23/2015
08. Attachment B-1 - Form of Service Agreement for Non-Firm HVDC Service02/23/2015
09. Attachment C - Methodology To Access Available Transfer Capability02/23/2015
10. Attachment D - Methodology for Completing a System Impact Study02/23/2015
11. Attachment D-1 - Form of System Impact Study Agreement02/23/2015
12. Attachment D-2 - Form of System Facilities Study Agreement02/23/2015
13. Attachment E - Index of Point-to-Point Transmission Service Customers02/23/2015
14. Attachment F - Form of Service Agreement For Network Service02/23/2015
15. Attachment G - Form of Network Operating Agreement for Network Service02/23/2015
16. Attachment H - Index of Network Ingration Transmission Service Customers02/23/2015
17. Attachment H-1 - Index Of Interconnection Agreement Customers02/23/2015
18. Attachment I - Index of Transmission Customers Eligible for Schedule 10-A02/23/2015
19. Attachment J - Transmission Provider02/23/2015
20. Attachment K - Reserved02/23/2015
21. Attachment L - Credit Policy02/23/2015
22. Attachment M - Reserved02/23/2015
23. Attachment N - Recovery of Costs Associated with New Facilities02/23/2015
24. Attachment N-1 - Rate Formula Template Utilizing FERC Form 1 Data02/23/2015
25. Attachment N-1-1 – FERC Form 1 Rate Formula Template02/23/2015
26. Attachment N-1-2 – RUS Non-Levelized Rate Formula Template02/23/2015
27. Attachment N-1-3 – RUS Cash Flow Rate Formula Template02/23/2015
28. Attachment N-1-4 – EIA Non-Levelized Rate Formula Template02/23/2015
29. Attachment N-1-5 – EIA Cash Flow Rate Formula Template02/23/2015
30. Attachment O - Rate Formulae02/23/2015
31. Attachment P - List of Grandfathered Agreements02/23/2015
32. Attachment Q - NERC Transmission Loading Reflief Procedures Reference02/23/2015
33. Attachment R - Reserved02/23/2015
34. Attachment S-1 - Independent Market Monitor Retention Agreement02/23/2015
35. Attachment T - Retail Terms and Conditions02/23/2015
36. Attachment U - Use of Outside Network Resources and Competing Requests02/23/2015
37. Attachment V - Reserved02/23/2015
38. Attachment W - Form of Market Participant Agreement02/23/2015
39. Attachment X - Generator Interconnection Procedures (GIP)02/23/2015
40. Attachment Y - Notification of Potential Resource/SCU Change of Status02/23/2015
41. Attachment Y-1 - Standard Form Support Supply Resource (SSR) Agreement02/23/2015
41a. Attachment Y-2 - Request for Non-Binding Study Regarding Potential SSR Status02/23/2015
42. Attachment Z - Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreement02/23/2015
43. Attachment AA - Compensation and cost recovery for actions during emergency conditions02/23/2015
44. Attachment BB - Compensation for Rescheduling Generator Outages02/23/2015
45. Attachment CC - Cross-Border Allocation Projects Revenue Requirement Calculations02/23/2015
46. Attachment DD - Day-Ahead Locational Marginal Prices (LMPs)02/23/2015
47. Attachment EE - Form of Non-Disclosure Agreement for Authorized Requestors02/23/2015
48. Attachment FF - Transmission Expansion Planning Protocol02/23/2015
49. Attachment GG - Network Upgrade Charge02/23/2015
50. Attachment HH - Dispute Resolution Procedures02/23/2015
51. Attachment II - Reserved02/23/2015
52. Attachment JJ - Compensation for Rescheduling Transmission Outages02/23/2015
53. Attachment KK-1 - Form of Service Agreement for Reliability Coordination Service02/23/2015
54. Attachment KK-2 - Form of Service Agreement Interconnected Operations and Congestion Management Service02/23/2015
55. Attachment KK-3 - Reserved02/23/2015
56. Attachment LL - Congestion Management Process (CMP)02/23/2015
57. Attachment MM - MVP Charge02/23/2015
58. Attachment NN - Form of Service Agreement to Provide Blackstart Service02/23/2015
59. Attachment NN - ATCLLC Agreement for Blackstart Resource Service02/23/2015
59a. Attachment NN - ATCLLC Attachment A to the Blackstart Resource Agreement02/23/2015
60. Attachment OO - Index of Wholesale Service Agreement02/23/2015
61. Attachment PP - Index of Resale, Reassignment or Transfer of Point-to-Point Transmission Service Customers02/23/2015
62. Attachment QQ - Index of Market Participant Customers02/23/2015
63. Attachment RR - Real-Time Reserve Services Available to Balancing Authorities During Phased Integration02/23/2015
64. Attachment SS - ITCTransmission Phase Angle Regulators (New PARs)02/23/2015
65. Attachment SS-102/23/2015
66. Attachment TT - Measurement and Verification (M and V) Criteria02/23/2015
67. Attachment UU - Energy Efficiency Resources Measurement & Verification Procedures02/23/2015
68. Attachment VV - MAP of Local Resource Zone Boundaries02/23/2015
69. Attachment WW - Map of MEP Local Resource Zone Boundaries02/23/2015
70. Attachment ZZ – NERC Recommendation or Essential Action Charge02/23/2015
71. Attachment AAA – Index of Resale, Reassignment or Transfer of HVDC Service02/23/2015
72. Attachment BBB – Index of Service Agreement for Reliability Coordination Service (KK-102/23/2015
73. Attachment CCC – Index of Service Agreement for Interconnected Operations and Congestion Mgmt. (KK-2)02/23/2015
74. Attachment DDD – Index of Agreement for System Support Resources (Y-1)02/23/2015
75. Attachment EEE - Index of Service Agreement to Provide Blackstart (NN)02/23/2015