Market Reports 

MISO Market Reports offer analysis and status of market operations related to all aspects of real-time and day-ahead energy and ancillary services markets and reliability coordination for the region.  

Please refer to the appropriate Readers' Guide for a complete description, including the purpose and information contained in each report.  Access Monthly and Seasonal Analysis Reports from the Market Analysis page located under the Markets and Operations tab.

If you would prefer not to come to our site every day to download a report, use our Market Report Directories to set up automated tools to extract market reports. 

Use the Search form below to retrieve market reports generated within the last two years plus the current year. If you are not sure what report you are looking for, view our  list of all Market Reports before performing your search. If you are looking for something older, browse the Market Report Archives.


 Search Tips

  • Select a Report Type but leave all other fields blank to return all files for a particular report type.
  • Select a Report Type and enter the Report Name or a subset of the Report Name. For example, selecting  Historical LMP from the Report Type drop-down and entering Day-Ahead Market LMPs will retrieve only the files for that particular report. 
  • Wildcards (i.e. *, %) will not work in the Report Name field, however, the search will work on partial names.  The search is not case sensitive.
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