MISO Winter Readiness 2016-2017 


Adequate Resources Forecasted for the MISO Region this Winter


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October 31, 2016

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Carmel, Ind.MISO forecasts sufficient resources to meet electricity demand this winter across the region, which extends from the Gulf of Mexico to Manitoba, Canada.

The region has 142.9 GW (gigawatts) of available supply to meet the winter demand that is expected to peak at 104 GW (gigawatts).  The peak demand in the region is based on the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration (NOAA) prediction for a cold winter in the North and Central regions and a mild, dry winter in the South region. 

MISO released this forecast at its annual Winter Readiness Workshop, today, October 31.  The workshop brings together grid operators, utility operations employees, regulators and other stakeholders to ensure operational readiness for extreme winter weather.

At the workshop, MISO discussed two scenarios, a probable scenario and an extreme scenario for winter supply and demand. In the probable scenario, MISO and each sub-region have adequate supply. In an unlikely extreme scenario where forecasted demand, and/or supply outages are higher than normal, the region is 1.3 GW away from needing emergency resources. Should the need arise; MISO has emergency procedures already in place to effectively manage through the extreme scenario.

MISO continuously reviews and improves winter operations,” says Todd Ramey, Vice President of System Operations. “Extreme weather and generator outages make winter a challenging time in operations. Our preparation and collaboration with members and stakeholders positions us well for this upcoming winter.”

Additionally, the annual Generator Fuel Survey results expected in December 2016 will help anticipate fuel delivery challenges to prepare MISO Region further.

About MISO
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