MISO Provides Billions in Economic Benefits in 2016 

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February 24, 2017

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CARMEL, Ind. – DATE – The MISO Value Proposition quantifies MISO’s vision to be the most reliable and value-creating regional transmission organization (RTO) in the country.   In 2016, MISO provided $3 billion in economic benefit to its customers.  

As a regional transmission organization, MISO is responsible for the reliable operation of the transmission network across 15 states and the Canadian province of Manitoba.  By centrally managing the system, MISO can pool resources to drive efficiency and ensure reliability at the lowest cost to consumers.  Additionally, as an independent not-for-profit, MISO focuses on ensuring that the transmission system is being used as efficiently as possible.  

With significant changes overtaking the industry, MISO’s role becomes even more valuable by helping its members navigate grid and industry changes in a way that ensures reliability and creates value for customers.  In particular, MISO’s work helps members evaluate the impact of environmental regulations, improve coordination with neighboring systems and develop new products and services to adjust to a transitioning grid.   

“MISO’s vision is to be the most reliable, value-creating RTO,” said John Bear, president and CEO of MISO. “One of the unique things about MISO is we focus on value from the perspective of the end-use customer. The Value Proposition clearly shows our value to the electric industry and to consumers in our region.”  

MISO began the Value Proposition Study in 2007 as a way to quantify the benefits associated with membership.  As in previous years, the study details benefits in nine key areas.  These benefits include improved reliability, market commitment and dispatch, wind integration, compliance efforts and generation investment deferral.  

Since 2007, MISO has provided the region an estimated $17.5 billion in cumulative net benefit.  

More information about the 2016 Value Proposition, including detailed calculation methodology, is found on MISO’s website.

About MISO
MISO ensures reliable operation of, and equal access to  high-voltage power lines in 15 U.S. states and the Canadian province of Manitoba. MISO manages one of the world's largest energy markets, with $26 billion in gross annual market charges in 2016.  MISO was approved as the nation's first regional transmission organization in 2001.  The non-profit 501(C)(4) organization is governed by an independent Board of Directors and is headquartered in Carmel, Ind. Membership is voluntary.